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  1. What is APRL?

APRL is private community based on generosity, trust + empowerment where like-minded guys can borrow + lend high quality clothes to have style on demand.   Think of it like Rent the Runway for men or Airbnb of rad men’s fashion.

  1. Hey, but I’m not a guy...can I rent too?

Yep.  We don’t exclude by gender...we just mostly have men’s clothing in our APRL closet at this time.

  1. Where is the APRL service available?

With the following cities + freeways as our approximate service geo-fences:  

Sherman Oaks (Northwest), 101 & 134 Freeway (North border), Pasedena (Northeast), 710 Freeway (East border), Lynwood (Southeast), 105 Freeway (South border), Hermosa Beach (Southwest), Beach Cities to Malibu (Western border).  Cities immediately adjacent to freeways are included in service area as well.

Currently Unavailable:  Nationwide shipping, but coming soon!

  1. What payment methods does APRL accept?

All major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

  1. Have more questions or think we should add one here?!

Please feel free to email us customer@aprl.la


  1. How does renting work?

1) Find a piece that speaks to you & fits for your upcoming event.

2) Complete the checkout process in our app

3) Arrange pick-up time and location w/APRL -- receive your item

4) Enjoy your event in style

5) Return the piece at the end of the 7-day rental period

  1. How do I get my rented piece?

  1. What if it doesn’t fit me?  

If the piece doesn’t fit you at the time of the delivery there is no charge to your account less the delivery cost ($10).

  1. How far in advance can I reserve a piece?

Currently 7 days in advance with no hold of a deposit.

  1. How last minute can I get a rental?  

You can rent a piece up to 2 business days before your event or date of need.

  1. How long is the rental period? -

The rental period is 7 days, beginning on the first day on which you receive the item.

  1. Late fees?

A $25 late fee is charged for each day after the 7th day of the rental period.

  1. Cancellations?

You have 24hrs before the start of your rental to cancel at no extra charge.*

  1. What does the $5 APRL Insurance Cover?

Minor stains + repairs up to $50 (buttons popping, etc).  If the piece is damaged beyond $50 we will have to charge your account the cost to replace it.  If the item is never returned your account will be charged double the retail price.

  1. Am I able to buy a piece through the APRL app?  

Currently we only offer rentals via the app, however if you do want to buy the piece after renting it notify us at customer@aprl.la before the last day of your rental period and we will help arbitrate a possible sale for you.  We cannot guarantee a sale, but if a sale is made we will deduct your rental cost from the retail cost minus any APRL service fees.

  1. Can I extend my rental?

Yes, as long as you contact APRL at customer@aprl.la  before the last day of your rental period and it doesn’t conflict with another future rental.

  1. Suit sizing: What do I do if I don’t know my sizes?

- Use a tape measure to have a friend take your measurements.

- Go to your local dry cleaner or alterations location and ask to measured by a pro (usually at no cost).

- Check this video to see how to measure (https://youtu.be/KkiQH9msHaU)


  1. What types of items do you generally accept for rental (borrowing)?

High Quality, Unique, Rad Vintage, or Well Known Brands from High Fashion to Street. Borrowers like clothing they can’t get...something different, hard to find, or something they can stand out in.

  1. For Example:  Gucci, Rick Owens, Off-White, Y-3, Balenciaga,

(currently we stay away from H+M, Uniqlo, etc.)

  1. Category Types:  Jackets, Suits, Shoes, Statement Pieces + accessories (Watches, Bags, Hats, Sunglasses)

  1. How is my item cared for?

APRL has a thorough system of care and cleaning in place that each piece goes through before & after every rental.

  1. What is the percentage I’ll make from each rental?

As an APRL Lender you get a 50% of the rental price

  1. How should I price the rental of my item?

APRL recommends pricing a rental at 5-10% of the piece’s retail price depending on the quality, uniqueness, brand & story behind the piece.

  1. How does my item get to the renter?

APRL will either handle all the logistics for you or if you’ve chosen to have APRL house your items at their warehouse office renters will pick up + drop off the pieces there.

  1. What if I want to wear my item?

If you want to wear your piece, simply deactivate the piece in the APRL app. The piece will no longer appear as available for rent to other users.

  1. How do I start lending?

Either request a Lender code through the app via the create post button or email us to request a lender code at:  customer@aprl.la

  1. How do I get paid?

During the “Become a Lender” process you can currently choose to be paid out via Venmo or bank ACH using the bank account info you provide us.  To ensure financial security we use one of the industry’s top financial systems created by Braintree (a Paypal Service).